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Los Cabos Dive Sites

You can find a little information about the places available for diving.


On the edge of the Submarine Canyon that forms San Lucas Bay. Beautiful wall dive to small sandfall at around 90′. Large congregations of big and small tropical fish. Slopes covered with gorgonians and gracefull sea fans. Not unusual to spot rays and big fish swimming out of nearby deeper water. Also an excellent night dive, the Bay of San Lucas is a National Marine Sanctuary.

The Point

At Land’s End where the Pacific Ocean joins the Sea of Cortez. Sea lions, turtles, huge sea bass, schools of gamefish brought in by large schools of baitfish such as sardines and greenjacks. Also morays, octopus, tropical varieties, the average depth at Land’s End is 60′.Whale sharks and mantas are also seen in this area.

La Larga

Canyon depths from 60′ to 120′. Rock outcrops giving way to steep vertical granite walls and rocky ledges at 100′. Thick with gorgonians and sea fans. Octopus, abundant tropical fish, schools of barracuda and other pelagics.

The Blowhole

40′ to lOO’ in depth, backside of a huge rock forms a wall covered in gorgonians. Small nurse sharks and guitarfish sometimes inhabit the area, along with a few large grouper and the occasional bat ray or eagle ray. The site gets its name from a small blowhole on shore.

Cabo Pulmo

Not enough can be said about Cabo Pulmo, the only living coral reef on the western coast of North America. A National Marine Sanctuary. A 2 hour excursion from Cabo San Lucas. Email us for more details.

Gordo Banks

Rivals Cabo Pulmo and San Lucas Bay Submarine Canyon among the prime dive sites in the area. Eight miles off the coast of San Jose del Cabo, the top of this seamount lies under 110′ – 130′ of water. Masses of jacks, scores of schooling hammerheads, solitary bull sharks, manta rays and even huge whale sharks.

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