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La Paz Dive Sites

You can find a little information about the places available for diving.

The Salvatierra "The Wreck"

This site is the wreck of the cargo ferry “La Salvatierra” (an ex-U.S. Navy WWll LST) which sank in 1976 moments after striking Swanee Rock (subsequently fitted with a warning light) of the hundreds of passengers not one life was lost and the Insurance Company actually paid everybody for their losses …50 pesos each! The Salvatierra is laying on a sand bottom in 60ft of depth, and is approximately 70% intact with both propellers exposed. Many of the trucks which were her cargo are still visible and their tires remain inflated to this day. The wreck has formed an “artificial reef” attracting a wide variety of sea life. This is an interesting and enjoyable wreck dive with no penetration.
Subject to current.

Rocas Lobos "Sea Lion Rocks"

A local dive site boasting a large number of Coral Heads, small caves and overhangs. This is our most popular night dive site, one can see huge sleeping Parrot Fish (Scarus compressus) cocooned in their own mucus hiding their scent from potential predators and upon awaking, swim free of the cocoon. Once the home of a colony of Sea Lions who occasionally return to visit their old home. There’s a multitude of fish life and several species of Ray buried in the surrounding sand.

Los Barcos de Isla Gaviota "Gaviota Wrecks"

Just offshore Isla Gaviota (Seagull Island) in the bay of La Paz we descend to between 45 – 60ft (14 – 18 meters) to explore 2 sunken wooden boats, with some penetration which have become home to much sea life. Anenmone, Sergeant Majors & Lobster are among the abundant sea life to be found in and around the wrecks and the surrounding coast and it’s caves.

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