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Loreto Dive Sites

You can find a little information about the places available for diving.

Island Diving

Diving in Loreto is characterized by some of the best island diving to be found in the Sea of Cortez. Namely, the islands of Carmen, Danzante, Coronado, Monserrate and Catalan offer dozens of shoreline providing anchorage and accompanying dive sites for all levels of snorkelors and divers with locations too numerous to provide a comprehensive list. However, weâve tried to list at least a sample of them in this section.

The islands themselves, being volcanic in nature, are marked by rocky shorelines, dynamic walls dives, huge underwater rock formations and finger reefs of rock and coral. Advanced as well as novice divers are sure to find numerous locations to sample offering both a rich and diverse mix of marine life. Be advised. The accessibility of many of the dives sites, as with many dive sites in the Sea of Cortez, is dictated by the ever-changing current, water conditions and the seasons themselves.

Punta Coyote

Just outside of Escondido Bay. There’s a deepwater dropoff to approximately 115 feet of large rocks and boulders along most of the length of the point. Sea fans and gorgonians are a highlight of the area as well as the numerous colorful reef fish that inhabit the rocky crevices.

Los Candelleros

Great area for both fishing and diving around these massive rocky fingers which rise about 5 miles southwest of Puerto Escondido and are characterized by sheer vertical facades dropping to depths of almost 200 feet. Deep crevices and lots of structural cover below the surface create a haven for fish of all sizes and types.

Las Galeras

Just north of Monserrate Island, these rocky outcroppings have steep walls characteristic of many of the great Loreto dive sites with boulders and large tabletop slabs of underwater rocks. Nearer the rocks themselves, good snorkeling is available, but beyond, the waters drop rapidly to depths near 100 feet with finger reefs along the bottom providing excellent diving and photography.

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