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Experience incredible emotions discovering new amazing underwater worlds with our diving courses in Baja.

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amazing world

If diving has always been your dream, then you are in the right place! We will help your dreams come true by opening the wonderful underwater world!

Want to discover nature, the world and its mysteries come to us and we will take you to an amazing world where you can see the real beauty of nature.

The Cortez Club® is the only 5 Star IDC Gold Palm Resort in Baja California. That means; if you are interested in learning how to Scuba Dive or taking the career change and becoming a Scuba diving instructor you can do that all with us!

Scuba Diving Courses

With The Cortez Club®

Do you dream of diving? Do you want to dive into the fantastic underwater world of the ocean?

Our experienced instructors will not only help you explore the underwater world, but also teach you how to interact with it. All you have to do is contact us and we promise to provide you with everything you need to dive.

We guarantee your safety underwater so you can relax and enjoy the underwater world. Time to make your dream come true!

Waiting for adventures?

Don't miss them!

We seek adventure where others only dream. We are bound together by our love of the underwater world and our desire to protect it.

Under every rock, around every reed

a new discover awaits

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Experience incredible emotions discovering new amazing underwater worlds with our diving school.

We have everything you want and need to make your diving experience safe and comfortable!

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We want to treat you the same way we like to be treated when we go on a diving vacation: as family, in a warm and welcoming environment. Our award-winning private diving resort is run in accordance with our personal principles as well as international safety and training standards.