Pepe's Dive Center (Cabo Pulmo)
Jose "Pepe" Murrieta

Hola Everybody ¡!!

The water could not be any better than it is now , it looks like one of those bottles of Zafiro Gin , cristal clear ¡!, and just so much life , guys it doesn’t get any better than this , Schooling Jacks , Tiger Sharks, White Tip and Nurse Sharks , Sea Tourtles, Seal Lions , Schooling Mackerel Sierras, Yellow Fin Tunas , Wahoos and Huge Groupers !!! as well as Schooling Bottle Nose Dolphins !!!

Water Temperature : 84 Degrees
Thermocline : None to 100 feet
Underwater Visibilty : 100 feet plus
Ocean Conditions : Nice and Calm and not current.

So Let’s Get Wet !!! Until Next Time

Your Dive Buddy
Pepe Murrieta

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