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22nd April 2005

This week's kinder winds allowed our friends and visitors to cover some ground and visit some of their favorite spots. The warmer water of between 70 and 72oF seem to have mellowed out the Yellowtails, as we haven't seen the concentration of Yellowtails that we have in past weeks, however they are still getting some nice25 to 40 pounders, with a couple of up to 60 pounders reported.

El Bajo seemed a little quieter than we expected, however holding some nice size Yellowtail and Amberjack, but far and few between. Our dear friend John Perretti got to see a nice sized solitary Great Hammerhead, real up close and personal, which was probably stopping by to see how his friends the schooling scalloped hammerheads are doing!

El Bajito and Espiritu Santo are still being great places for bottom fish such as Pargo, Cabrilla and Triggers, and is a fantastic place to visit when you are planning a BBQ in the evening! As Two times World Spearfishing Champion Dennis Haussler rightly stated, although it is a lot of fun chasing those world record breaking, prize winning fish, it sure is fun just spending time in the water hunting fish that actually fits on the BBQ!!! Here is a picture of Dennis with dinner.

However, the star of the show has been the Southern Cerralvo area. This has held a whole plethora of fish, ranging from Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Yellowtail and some killer Rooster fish. Our 46 foot Bertram spend two days at Los Muertos, fishing an 30 mile area south of Cerralvo, and they had 6 different sighting of Striped Marlin, had a pair of Dorado, one of which they estimated of 60 pounds sunning themselves on the surface in full color, so close that they thought that they were going to trip over the transom! However, the Sea has been so full of bait and squid that they couldn't get them to strike any of their lures, but the fish were so close and so many that they were considering throwing their bottle opener at them to try to bring them in by hand!

Our guests on Black magic had better luck, catching and releasing two striped marlins, at the 88, caught with live Mackerel.

It looks like the summer is coming early this year, and as though there will be some interesting developments over next couple of weeks, if the water maintains its temperature.
Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Be safe and have fun!
The crew of DESEA.

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